We know learning the skill of ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY is time-consuming, expensive and an extra load on Senior Echocardiographers in your department.

Echo Ed Online workshops are designed with the sole purpose of FAST TRACKING a lot of the theory and practical skills that are taught in the first 3-4 months of training. We spend many weeks with junior Echocardiographers doing bits and pieces of training when time permits.  The “Getting Started in Echo” online workshop gives participants an enormous amount of information and practical tips in less than 10 hours of teaching. This program includes many unique interactive activities, over 40 case studies, and the Echo Ed Transducer Simulator (EETS) in the comfort of your own home.

Many labs are also responsible for training Cardiology Fellows and Advanced Cardiac Trainees.  This online program is an ideal way for doctors to be immersed in Echo, and gain a great foundation in 2D echo and practical tips to use at the bedside.

It is often challenging to find time to spend with Senior Echocardiographers and clinicians perfecting and critiquing images? Echo Ed has the solution. To complement the online “Getting Started in Echo” workshop, Echo Ed Online tuition is available 24/7. Get results fast with Echo Ed and gain confidence in the field of Echocardiography.

Echo Ed invites Cardiac Technicians, Echocardiographers, General sonographers, Medical fellows and Medical professionals to view the Echo Ed online workshops available in 2020.  Ruth Ramm has a structured way of obtaining and optimising Echo images…you can too!