ECHO ED Practical Handbook

About the Workshop

An easy guide to understanding the Echo images obtained from the Parasternal and Apical windows.

Learn and then test yourself by labeling each image.

24 page A5 handbook includes –

  • Parasternal LAX
  • Parasternal RV outflow view
  • Parasternal RV inflow view
  • Parasternal SAX – LV
  • Parasternal SAX – MV
  • Parasternal SAX – Aortic valve
  • Parasternal SAX – MPA
  • Apical 4 Chamber
  • Apical 5 Chamber
  • Apical 2 Chamber
  • Apical Long Axis

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The ECHO ED Practical Handbook is complementary when you attend the ECHO ED 4hr Practical Echo Immersion Program, held monthly at the GenesisCare rooms, Park Road, Milton, Brisbane.