2024 FACE to FACE Practical Echo Immersion Workshop

4 HOURS of SCANNING - Practice, Practice, Practice.

23rd March 2024

Tuition Fee: $575 inc-GST

A certificate of hours will be awarded on completion of this program

About the Workshop

Ruth Ramm will be facilitating a number of Practical Echo Immersion Workshops.

Register your interest in attending a face-to-face ECHO ED workshop at Advara HeartCare, 49 Park Road, Milton, QLD 4064.

Workshops are proudly supported by GE.

  • Brisbane – Saturday 23rd March 2024, 8:30am-12:30pm. 


  • Small group (6-8 participants), face-to-face program.
  • Machine:participant ratio 1:2.
  • Learn to obtain and optimise the 8 key Echo images – PLAX, PSAX (MV, LV, AV), Ap4C, Ap5C, Sub 4C,1. IVC LAX).
  • Complement previous Echo workshops.
  • Complement the ECHO ED online program.
  • Image interpretation & Gross cardiac pathology.
  • Become more confident with using the Echo machine.
  • Complimentary ECHO ED Practical Echo Handbook included in registration.

Topics Included

  • Echo Windows.
  • How to scan.
  • How to best use your Echo Machine.
  • Image interpretation.
  • Cardiac pathology case studies – acute PE, pericardial effusion, LV dysfunction and valvular dysfunction.

Register your interest by completing the following form. This does not secure you a place in the hospital workshop, but offers will be made on a first in first served basis.

Workshop Venue

Milton, Brisbane, QLD


Ruth Ramm