2021 Getting Started in Echocardiography Online Workshop

6 hours of learning

When would you like to LEARN ECHO? Now?

Tuition Fee: $1497 inc-GST

A certificate will be awarded on completion of this program. ASUM, CICM and ACEM approved CPD course.
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About the Workshop

Designed to FAST TRACK Trainee Echocardiographers during the first 3 months of training and take the pressure off Senior Echocardiographers. The “Getting Started in Echo” online course gives participants an enormous amount of information and practical tips. Approved for ASUM, CICM and ACEM CPD points.

This program includes 8 MODULES and many unique interactive activities – over 40 case studies of cardiac pathology, quizzes to test your understanding, Build a 3D Heart Model and the ECHO ED Transducer Simulator (EETS) to help you gain practical skills.  The 5 Part Practical Video series will show you the “Tricks of the Trade” and assist you in obtaining and optimising cardiac images. These are some of the tricks that I focus on during the early stages of training and are seldom found in the textbook. The comprehensive “Standard Echo Images” module is very specific in examining cardiac structure and function from all echo windows.

Registration includes access to the ECHO ED “Getting Started in Echo” online course for 12 months.  Registration also includes a complementary video showing you HOW to work your ultrasound machine. Just let us know what system you are wanting to use! Contact ECHO ED via the contact page.

This online program is an ideal way to be immersed in 2D transthoracic Echo and practical tips to use at the bedside.  Highly recommended for Trainee Echocardiographers (Adult & Paediatric), Critical Care Specialists and Medical students – start your echo placement with confidence.

Complement your studies at the University of South Australia (UniSA), Central Queensland University (CQU)  or Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and fast track your training.

After successfully completing the online course, you are invited to book a one-on-one 90 minute LIVE practical session ($295 inc GST) with a Senior Echocardiographer, where you will receive personal guidance and feedback while scanning a normal patient*. This will give you more confidence when scanning. Contact the ECHO ED team via the contact page on this website to book an online LIVE practical session.

Learn at your own pace. Learn in your own environment. Learn the skill of 2D Transthoracic ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY.  Ruth Ramm has a structured way of obtaining and optimising Echo images…you can too!

“Jess is loving the online course Ruth! Your knack for helping things “make sense” is working its magic once again! A brilliant opportunity for newcomers!”, Feena Menso, Director – Cardiac Investigations, QLD Health, Toowoomba Base Hospital, Australia. 

“Getting Started in Echo, is a perfect bridge from textbook to scanning your first patient – full of practical tips and tricks of the trade. Ruth’s enthusiasm, boundless knowledge and love of cardiac ultrasound is infectious! Highly recommended for all newbie sonographers, Jocasta Daley, Cardiac Physiologist, GenesisCare, Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.

Topics Included

  • Location of the Heart

  • Transducer Skills
  • Imaging Planes
  • Cardiac Anatomy
  • Blood Flow
  • Build a 3D Heart
  • Cardiac Valves
  • Probe Manipulation Skills
  • Detailed analysis of Standard Echo Views
  • Label the walls of the LV
  • Coronary Artery Distribution
  • 5 Part Video Series of Practical Skills – How to scan!
  • Many Quiz’s to test your understanding
  • 40 case studies of cardiac pathology
  • 6.5 hour ACEM CPD approved online course
  • CICM CPD approved online course – Category 2A 4 hours, Category 2B 2 hours

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Ruth Ramm