2024 Cardiac Pathology 12 WEEK CHALLENGE


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Tuition Fee: $685 inc-GST

A certificate will be awarded on completion of this program.
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About the Workshop

“This is a fantastic course! Thanks Ruth. Ruth is so enthusiastic to teach and she has opened up the world of echo to me!”, Dr Laila Khan, Cardiology Advanced Trainee, The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. 

“The 12-week challenge has been a great way to consolidate my knowledge of cardiac pathology. Ruth is such an engaging presenter. She is so knowledgeable and is really versatile in the way she can explain things so that everyone can understand. Thanks so much, it’s been super helpful. I feel much more prepared and confident about the exam”, Shae McCabe, Cardiac Physiologist, GenesisCare, Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.  

This workshop is designed to assist Echocardiographers & Medical Professionals further their skills to accurately identify and assess cardiac pathology – this is an ideal program to complement any in-house training program.

Great for trainees after the first few months of training (3-6months) OR as a great refresher for the more experienced Echocardiographer in a training and supervising role.

The workshop comprises of 12, one hour lectures presented by Ruth Ramm focusing on 12 different cardiac pathologies. One topic a week, or faster if you like!

Do you need to consolidate your Cardiac Pathology knowledge?

Are you required to teach or supervise Junior Echocardiographers?

Each week a new topic, questions and a lecture will give you a practical insight into the world of cardiac pathology. All tutorials are pre-recorded and accessible 24/7 for 12 months. If you want to cover topics a little faster, that’s no problem at all.

Are you currently studying? Or have you finished your formal echo qualification (DMU, QUT, DDU, CQU) and would like to consolidate your knowledge?  Would you like to review cardiac pathology and test your understanding?  Then this workshop is for you!

A certificate will be awarded for 12 ASUM CPD points at the completion of this online program.

Topics Included

Week 1   Aortic stenosis

Week 2   Aortic regurgitation & Mitral regurgitation

Week 3   LV systolic function

Week 4   LV diastolic function

Week 5   Cardiomyopathies

Week 6   Rheumatic Heart Disease & Mitral stenosis

Week 7   Prosthetic heart valves

Week 8   Pericardial diseases

Week 9   ASD, VSD and PDA

Week 10   Transposition & TOF

Week 11   Systemic & Pulmonary Hypertension

Week 12   Case study QUIZ & certificates awarded

All tutorials are pre-recorded. Questions, Notes, Resources & the Lecture are provided. This course is ideal for those wanting to revise or teach cardiac pathology.  Make learning ECHO part of your day with Ruth Ramm.

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Ruth Ramm