2020 Cardiac Pathology Program

2 Day Workshop

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Tuition Fee: $950 inc-GST

12 CPD points and a certificate will be awarded on completion of this program.
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About the Workshop

Two day workshop designed to assist Echocardiographers & Medical Professionals further their skills to accurately identify and assess cardiac pathology following the first few months of training (3-6months) OR as a great refresher for the more experienced Echocardiographer.  Have you finished your formal echo qualification (DMU, QUT, DDU, CQU) and would like to consolidate your knowledge?  Would you like to review cardiac pathology and test your understanding?  This workshop is for you!

Learn the essentials of Cardiac Pathology and consolidate and complement your studies.

Dr Greg Scalia, Ms Kate Mariott and Ms Ruth Ramm will discuss numerous cardiac pathologies that are diagnosed and assessed with Echocardiography.

Topics Included

  • Valve Stenosis
  • Valve Regurgitation
  • LV Systolic & Diastolic Dysfunction
  • Acute Pulmonary Emboli
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease
  • Cardiac Tamponade & Constrictive Pericarditis
  • Cardiomyopathies
  • Valve Replacements
  • Amyloid Heart Disease, Carcinoid Heart Disease, Sarcoidosis & Hyperesinophillic Syndrome

Dr Greg Scalia MBBS, MMedSc, FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ, JP, FASE answers the question “What happens next?” for each patient discussed.  Enjoy Dr Scalia’s clinical experience and knowledge of Echocardiography in this two day “Cardiac Pathology Program”.

Ideal study preparation for QUT/DMU & DDU examinations.

Workshop Venue

Wesley Hospital Brisbane


Ruth Ramm, Dr Greg Scalia & Kate Marriott

Workshop Schedule

9:10LV Systolic Dysfunction
10:10LV Diastolic Dysfunction
11:15Valve Regurgitation
12:15Valve Stenosis
1:15Valve Stenosis cont.
1:45Prosthetic Heart Valves with Kareena from St Jude
3:30Case studies and Quiz session
9:00Cardiac Tamponade & Constrictive Pericarditis
10:50Kate Marriott Lecture - Patent Foramen Ovale & Cardiac Source of Emboli
11:40Pulmonary Emboli & The Right Heart
1:15Systemic Heart Disease
2:00Rheumatic Heart Disease
2:45Sub-Acute Bacterial Endocarditis (SBE)
4:00Dr Greg Scalia LECTURE - Signs, Symptoms & Follow-Up of Day 2 Pathology Cases